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Google Blocks RipOffReport.com for having “Unacceptable Business Practices”


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Rexxfield Internet Law Research has published a short 3 minute video demonstrating how the Google AdWords® business unit has banned advertising for RipOffReport.com due to “Unacceptable Business Practices”. The findings give rise to other questions however:

(1) Why does Google Search business unit hold RipOffReport.com in such high regard by giving it such high search rankings and;

(2) Why is Google AdChoices® business unit sharing revenue with RipOffReport by distributing advertisements through their appalling website?



Introductory Video – How You Can Help Fight Ripoff Report

Video: EXPOSED: RipOffReport.com & Why It Appears Page 1 of Google 



If you would like to help join the fight against Ripoff Report, here’s what you can do. Visit these groups and petitions against Ripoff Report and its abusive unethical practices of extortion, and make your voice heard. Together we can make a difference.